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Photographs of Marbella (tourism interfaces)

Marbella, 25+26 July 2002. Click on images to see enlarged version.

All photographs © 2002–2005, Detlev Fischer. If you require files fit for printing, contact me about the conditions.

Young Spanish couple at Marbella city bustop(1) Spanish couple; he is looking at the bus route diagram (the bus stop sign reflectd in his glasses), she may be looking out for a bus. Both seemed somewhat flustered or exhausted. Too impatient to wait for public transport, they finally took a cab.

Paseo de la Alameda, Marbella(2) Paseo de la Alameda, a small but pleasant little park. No tourists seem to rest here, I guess they want a sea view. Those who live here have plenty of that.

Musicians heading towards restaurants quarter, Marbella(3) Musicians, in the old part of town, heading towards the area where hordes of tourists sit dissipated in a maze of 'cosy', 'authentic-style', small restaurants. Watch the woman to the left, she is featured in the next photograph.

Woman studying a menu outside a restaurant, Marbella(4) Woman studying a menu, behind her perhaps her husband, the face of whom seems to merge with hers to some kind of mustached hand-puppet face.

The local bus stop at the long distance bus station, Marbella(5) The local bus stop at the long distance bus station. To the right you see two German tourists, who spotted that I was one of their kind and enquired about the itinerary. The photographer is reflected in the bus map / timetable.

Elitronet web access point in the Fuerte hotel, Marbella(6) Elitronet web access point in the hotel where we were staying (another Panope meeting). Too expensive to consider.

The author / photographer seated underneath a Dali scupture, marbella(7) Y. took a photo of me, with my preposterous Domke bag, sitting beneath one of the Dali sculptures that turn the Avenida del Mar into a kind of open-air Dali museum.

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