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Taking photos at the entrance of the Michel (tourism interfaces)

All photographs © 2002–2005, Detlev Fischer

Michel plaque interface.(1) The Michel (Hauptkiche St. Michaelis) is probably the best known tourist trap in Hamburg, in the line of tower bridge, tour Eiffel, World Trade Center. Busses discharge and pick up tourists. A first inspection yields a view of the side wall to the right of the entrance, showing a blue sign with a few details about the 'Michel'.

Michel plaque interface - detail.(2) People stand below it for as long as it takes to read. To the left, a shabby dog on a leash tied to the main entrance's railing, an abandoned padded seat, a bag with some belongings, two cups to receive money.

The suggestion.(3) Visitors enter and exit the Michel. The homeles guy tries to convince a perhaps 13 year old boy with a can of beer to go sidewards to a more protected area for some business.

City tour bus - entering.(4) One of the red city tour busses stops right behind me. True hunter, I swivel around. People are so busy entering that they hardly notice the camera ruthlessly pocketing their souls.

Talkin gto the homeless guy.(5) The homeless guy is back from an excursion. Once he realizes that photos are taken, he approaches me and enquires where these photos will be published. 'It's just a private project.' (A statement which is true but should be qualified by a time stamp.) 'I guess you must be used to being photographed a lot?' - 'Yes, its mostly the Japanese'; he doesn't ask money from them, but newspaper jouralists and television crews have been there a few times and one has always found some agreement regarding compensation. I give him 2 Marks and have the rotten idea of asking him to pose with the coin held up. He is quite willing to do that but the 8 shots are used up and I didn't bring a second film.

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