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Synopsis of Kosuth's novel 'Purloined'

08 Sep 2001

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Page 1 (Tami Hoag)

He lifts up a body, carries it through a parking area. He believes he became a killer through ugly childhood and dangerous youth. He feels no guilt or remorse. He marks the body with an X.

Page 2 (Stephen Hunter)

He (Bud) is in a kitchen, wants to get out, convince them he had nothing to do with it. Outside, shooting sets in. He is in fear, frees himself of Ted, shoots, gets hit. Ted cries not to be left alone. Lamar Pye stands over Bud, whom he addresses as Dad.

Page 3 (Caleb Carr)

On a tower are Sergeant of detectives Patrick Connor and Theodore Roosevelt, telling a Sergeant Flynn that ghastly work has prompted their call. He is surprised to see me (Moore). I explain I was abducted by Kreizler's boy.

Page 4 (Walter Mosley)

Theodore is surprised. He asks whether Moore wants him to get to know the Wenzler guy and find out whether he is a spy. I (Moore) tell him to report to me weekly. Theodore does not want to go after his own people at First African. Craxton just wants Wenzler (the Jew). I suggest to get Lavender (who has disappeared) into custody since he knows Wenzler.

Page 5 (Maureen Tan)

I think about getting in touch with Alex, to tell him that I want him to hold me and that nothing has changed except I have killed more people. My wound hurts. I think of Winthrup Manor and the dead men, and their unlikely relation to Hugh. Too bad John killed the last of them. I loose conscience. I had wrongy claimed that Hugh murdered my parents - they are long dead. Mac will hear of my accusation.

Chapter 2

Page 6 (John Sandford)

Minneapolis city hall. Rose Marie Roux goes from chief office to homicide to look at effete Davenport, deputy chief, who is talking to Sloan and Sherrill.

Page 7 (Patricia D. Cornwell)

Addressing Kay Benton?, Sloan considers all possible scenarios. Which is fine to Kay as long as Pete Marino? considers them as well. Wesley says that Pete is prejudiced. I (Moore?) know already about his lower-class background and check Benton: a screwed-up childhood is no excuse for wrong-doings. Nice dress in court makes all the difference. Wesley says I will get used to Pete's spells.

Page 8 (Jerome Charyn)

I tell him I can't, having talked to him (Wesley) just once, at the Algonquin. He claims I have seen him naked and that we have already talked after I shot Michael and his brothers. He says he would have cooked me a meal if I had spared Michael. Sidney Holden (continuing I) offers to take Fay(continuing Benton) home to Madison and Sixty-ninth, pitying her since she has been drawn into a battle between district attorney and the Pinzolo boys. Holden doesn't like to be called Sidney (too effete). Her husband Rex isn't at home. She guesses he is at Muriel's whorehose at east fifty-fourth so Holden takes her there. Muriel admires Holden's turban.

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