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About Strassenszenen

Strassenszenen is a series of 12 photographic composites, each made from various cut-outs from a series of 24 photographs taken within a few minutes in the Reeperbahn area, Hamburg, between Oct 1999 and Nov 2000.

Every outside has its inside - or at least that is a common cliche with more than a grain of truth - look at the surface, a face, a way of walking or standing, and you sometimes seem to see "everything". By the same token, every intention and thought, even their disguise, is translated into behaviour grounded by habitus, and consequently into the pictures we can derive from it.

Now combine people of different profession, age, class, social status, etc in a synthetic setting where the pattern of proximities, gestures and inferred movements defines, as a sum, the way the social outside turnes into an inferred inside, a particular social interaction (which includes ostentatious non-interaction). The verisimilitude of street photography suggests that 'this' has happened, as a unified whole, and we impart sense to the composite pattern of behaviour. In fact, the situation has never existed. This is, I think, what Strassenszenen may be about.

Last update: 20 July 2004