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Information Systems: Fundamentals and Issues
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Information Systems: Fundamentals and Issues - Overview

(Introductory note by Detlev Fischer:) John Lindsay wrote his book over the late eighties and early nineties, and although technology has moved on a lot over the last fifteen years, the fundamentals and many of the issues discussed here are all valid. Chapter 7 is empty, it should hold a case study. Perhaps a recent one?

Some of the chapters may be annotated soon to link the discussion to the current status quo. In my view, the most substantial difference compared with the status quo at the time this book was written is the appearance of web-based content management and other easy-to use-inventions, such as weblogs and wikis, and the way they are now used by millions for collaborative, distributed and bottom-up styles of authoring, posting, subscribing etc. All these people are becoming explicitly or implictily designers of information resources (if not systems). This is a new quality reminiscent of Brecht's demands in his radio theory. Another important difference is the role of search engines transgressing information system boundaries.

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