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Trip: index page

This page points to some documents by John Lindsay, Reader in Information Systems Design at Kingston University (and some docs by others) looking at public transport information and tourist information design issues. I asked John for them recently since they are absent from his own site, Green & Smart. With John's permission, I have put them up here now because I feel they are important and should be available online. Some of these texts are five and more years old. The development of online information and search tools may have improved the situation somewhat, but it seems the major problems described are largely the same.
I guess these documents will be revised, commented and updated in the near future. I may try to think of improvements of structure and illustrations to improve the arguments and make them an easier read. In some these texts, there is a wealth of examples that could do with structure from which to unpack them. In others, there are high-level codes and concepts that sometimes appear a bit terse for the uninitiated and could do with more examples. Finally, there are practical tools and suggestions for implementation (e.g. relating to opportunities for integrating information or improving physical transport interchanges). I feel that something can be done to tie these three aspects together more closely.

Detlev Fischer, 06 July 2005

Last update: 6 December 2008