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Secret Ballet: the online version

Cover of Secret Ballet

Photo 2004 Dorle Bahlburg

Jane Swallow, a journalist and budding Tory politician, is married and has three kids. She is ambitious, confused, overworked, romantic, righteous, and promiscuous. Enamoured of flamboyant writer George, she has an affair with a woman working in the party office. Her precarious marriage to John, an unsuccessful painter and nut case, disintegrates further as John eyes up the new unruly family au pair, Felicity, who has designs of her own and soon becomes pregnant. Under the guidance of senior politician Howard, Jane gets involved in a plot to remove the prime minister, Richard Castle, through a meticulously planned smear campaign. As the campaign fails spectacularly, the group resorts to assassination, carried out by George, who has a private motive for getting even with Castle. The repercussions are severe.

Secret Ballet is published by Salon Verlag (312 pages, paperback, 7.7 x 4.8 inches, ISBN 3-89770-218-5, € 15.-). This is the online version which differs slightly from the printed version (some last corrections are not reflected here). The online text is split into 6 parts. Here is the index page.

Further down you find information and comments about Secret Ballet.

Secret Ballet: Note

Secret Ballet: Part 1

Secret Ballet: Part 2

Secret Ballet: Part 3

Secret Ballet: Part 4

Secret Ballet: Part 5

Secret Ballet: Part 6

Information and comments about Secret Ballet

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